Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Look into the roots"

One of my colleagues who wanted to leave has claimed that the company has done something wrong to him, so he could not stand being in it any more. After 30 minutes of talking to him I could not make an idea what the reason of his complaints is as well as the complaints themselves remained the mystery to me.

He named such things like advertising that we are looking for a senior specialist and did not bother to suggest that position to him. That's was unfortunate because we considered him on very that position several months and he did not manage to impress the customer well enough. I asked "why didn't you come to me to discuss it?" He responded that "Anyways, this is not as big a problem as..."

The next reason he called out was the lack of work in the crisis times. Well I accepted that was the case and many people were sitting on the bench whereas the company tried to find the work for them. They were underpaid but this was done to keep the team. Those who could not stand such conditions have found another job. But that colleague of mine didn’t. I asked him why and didn't get the response either. He used the same tactics and jumped to the next complain which was about his personal attitude to work. He insisted that it was not exciting enough. So this might be a case. Nonetheless this is not the type of a problem one could not decide with a manager. But he never came to me with this.

In the end I decided that he complains not about the conditions but about his own behaviors in those conditions. I quickly figured that I can do nothing about it and let him go to find himself in another place (I purposely did not use word "better" here).

What the wisdom we could elicit from this short story? Obviously, if we cannot stand something or don't like something about our works or in more general sense about our lives them go an change it. Do not wait until the boomerang to hit you in the back.

And never fake the reason why you leave the company. Aside from not giving a chance for the company to fix the problem you make a bad impression of yourslef, so no one will miss you after all.

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