Friday, April 16, 2010

Estimations in software testing

Today I happened to read through the training course on estimates on testing. The method described was based on assuming the quantity of test cases. Knowing test cases you can relatively easily predict how much time you would need to execute them. But...

The trainer lacked some underlying knowledge of making the estimates. I tried to pretend I am a newbie who came to the training with goal to learn new things. After such a training I would risk to get further from the truth than I was before. I could have my own undertsnading of the matter, which is more correct than the provided.

Trainers beware! Your first commandment is "do not harm"! =)

Some tips of estimates:

- Consider all tasks including preparation, communication etc.
- Weight all factors influencing the tasks
- Break down task list into smaller tasks (2-3 days)
- Consider all possibilities what can go wrong
- Think of the risks
- Watch out of the optimism
- Know your resources
- Do estimates with more than one method and analyze the difference
- If you ask an expert, do not refrain to only one
- Never provide point estimates
- Provide estimation in a range
- Check out the estimate against other projects and analyze the differece
- Re-think risks
- Provide assumptions within the estimates
- Provide estimate with the level of confidence you have in them
- Present what you need to make the estimation more precise
- Validate estimation with other managers
- Check your estimate against estimates of other teams (testing vs. development, documentation vs. testing, etc.) and analyze the difference
- Add buffers for illness, turnover and other force major
- Beware of faulty level of precision (3 man days vs. 2.997 man days)

Good luck! :)

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