Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Disruptive business model or anecdotal boss?

Today I have read a good article on disruptive business model (http://feeds2.feedburner.com/business-strategy-innovation) that reads we should never allow neither ourselves nor our team to get complacent, to simply enjoy what we have instead of looking for way of how make it better. I absolutely agree with the author that putting right amount of pressure on the team creates additional innovation force within the organization. We need some strain not to feel comfortable. Overcoming obstacles of "never did that before" and "it isn’t going to work" is what fuels innovation. There is a big difference in results when people start looking for how to get there instead of whining about something being not possible.

However, there is clearly a room for a top management to misinterpret the idea. One may believe that the first part is not as important as the second. A CEO may think that the people who work for her must find the way of getting where she wants them to be and in time she wants. This is the beginning of the end. If you want your people to be inventive start from yourself. Show them the way. You are here not by chance. You took the position because you were superior and exemplary to colleagues. So, where is it now? Is it gone when you stepped up on a highest position? No, I don't believe that.

Instead of blindly pressing on your subordinates and complaining they did not do this and that try to organize a brainstorm sessions with them. Hear what they say! Do not try to play dirty games setting them off for failures just to replace them afterwards with a sigh "they are not up to our standards". When a person at so high a position starts acting this way, this is not going to stay not noted. People around you start seeing you as a person who can't hear what they say, so there is no difference what to say at all. After several unsuccessful tries to be heard they forget the idea and things start drifting to the pitiful end results.

A fool with a tool is still a fool. Having such a powerful instrument as disruptive business model implies responsibility for possible misuse. Do not fly too high. This is not king's court games that we are playing. Bring your ideas to the table, so everyone can see you are still a part of the team, not an icon or an idol.

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