Monday, July 27, 2009

Black sheep

Today things reminded me of a problem most of team happen to face from time to time. One team member who clearly misbehaves and takes goals and values of the team for nothing does not only contribute little but can even prevent others to contribute.

The problem is as serious that it shall be addressed immediately. The first thing to be done is trying to show that person how his actions impede team's success, how it looks like from the outside. If it does not help then the only option is to replace that person with someone understanding that team goals must be placed over the personal. In many cases personal goals are in conflict with those of the team.

My personal goal can be to browse Internet in the morning, whereas team goals tell me that I need to get the work done first. My personal goal would be making myself non-replaceable by concealing crucial information and experience. Me as a team member would do whatever possible to reduce risk for the team of being too dependent on me. I may get sick and there will be none capable of continuing what I was doing. The list of examples of such conflicts can go on and on. Do not anyone to show others the examples of wrongdoing. This is very contagious.

From my experience, it takes a lot of efforts of the wrongdoers to realize what it takes to be a part of the team, to serve a goal higher than what is on the mind just now. But until people get there one can hardly do anything about it. You better find another team member who will produce rather than complain.

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