Sunday, October 21, 2012

J-Meter, first impressions

Today I had a chance to take a look at J-Meter, a load tests tool, which most important feature is that it's free.

It took up to 10 minutes of my time to generate a simple HTTP request load test. In this sense, I would not call the tool UI intuitive. But once you've done your first test you should have no problems in the future. It just takes time to get used to unusual way of handling test components. Instead of enabling or using controllers and entities you simply add them to your test plan.

I liked the way you add more summary and reporting to your test. You may enable only those reporting ways that you prefer. However I found the charting slightly difficult to use and cheap-looking. But to me this is not a big problem as I usually value table output over charts.

Overall impression is that tool is capable of helping you out with simple load tests. But I would not recommend it for testing big and complex systems. You better look at commercial competitors.

In case when your financial restrictions prevail this is a good choice. But be prepared to spend more time for generating and supporting the tests than it would have been should you use a more advanced tool.


  1. - JMeter supports recording.
    And it is rather flexible to do serious project - I know few complex projects where JMeter is effectively used.

  2. Even if it does I could not find it the very first time. Don't mind it as it were just the first impressions... More to some should I ever try doing something with this tool but just probing it.

  3. > More to Come... sorry for the typo.