Thursday, June 23, 2011

CEO, are you ready to change?

Many want to get better in sense of product quality their organization produces. Few actually get successful. Many of those who don't blame their managers for not performing to the expected level and bla-bla-bla. Meanwhile, the problem may be in the leader him- or herself.

The goal of making better quality implies changes throughout the organization. The head is not an exception. The problem with bosses is their belief they can drive things with only desire. Well my daughter is 4 yours old and she also believe she can ;) When you are about to start changes in the company start from yourself. This is very easy to think that someone else will do all the hard job. Ho one will be in position to do this if the problem that prevents changes is at the top because ho one has authority to affect boss' behavior.

Late changes is a killer of quality processes. Even agile can't stand late changes. If you are boss then you must learn "enough is enough" principle. Learn to distinguish "a must" from "nice to have" to avoid forcing your team and processes to collapse into late changes nightmare. More important things may be affected because what boss wants comes first attitude.

Yes, most of top guys are very selfish and addicted to the thing that they are the only persons who know how to drive things. This is far not always so. Let other drive for a while and see what happens. Sometimes you even have to become followers. Listen to what quality people tell you very carefully and trust them when you are even not sure they do what you think is right. They are people who know their work better than you. Don't pretend you can cook better than a chief at your favorite restaurant ;)

Sorry, for being a bit clumsy. I have little time. Now back to work and remember - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH :)

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