Monday, November 16, 2009

Change your environment!

I am back from a short vacation that I have spent with my family. It was good but too short :) Anyway I felt much better getting back to work after a week I spent outside the usual routine. The most important about my comeback is how I feel about things that seemed common and normal before I have taken a fresh look at them. Once I am back I felt myself full of ideas and desire to change things for better.

If we only could change the way things are being done on a daily basis it would open a whole new thinking perspective to us. Instead of banging at the wall with our foreheads we would oversight the problems from above and find a solution we never though as to be existing before.

Every time I come back from vacation things looks a bit differently. It helps me to see in them what I have overlooked before. Hopefully you have the same feeling coming back from a lengthy vacation. Let's trust our fresh look and change things for better!

Happy innovating! :)

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