Friday, August 7, 2009

"Easy money"

Who of us was not dreaming of easy way to earn money? Easy means that with little effort we get a big benefit. Well, I have one such idea for software developers.

It is laying right in front of your eyes. It is easy and does not require long learning curve. It is all automated. And all you need to do is to press a button. Then sit back and wait for a sophisticated report. And this is not a joke!

Code analysis tools -- cheap, fast and easy way to learn what's wrong with your code. You need not to run through all the code manually to find that it's not up to standard, unsupportable, dangerous, or not reliable. All you need is to feed it to a code analysis tool. Such tools made a big step forward since they were simply searching patterns using regular expressions. Now they can find unreleased objects and connections to help developers exclude defects related to resources usage, nasty ones, difficult to find and isolate. They can measure complexity of code to warn of the code that will be difficult to maintain. They can produce nice reports, easy to understand. Below is just an example of such a report:

So, do not waste your time and run code analyzer against your code now. Then see what it says to you. On the first usage, you may find it too paranoid about small problems. No problem. Tune it up to bring up only serious issues. It's all customizable. However, like in case with MSDEV warnings do not try to fool self. Those things are reported not just out of blue. There is a reason behind. If you don't understand the reason then it's better to leave the warning as is.

Enjoyable code analysis! =)

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