Friday, June 19, 2009

Motivation - are we all the same?

Motivation is one of most appealing management tools. Motivated employees can produce more of the product and with better quality. Many companies work on their employees’ motivation to get the best outcome. Introducing bonuses, providing cars, better working environment, and social benefits - all aimed at keeping workers, clerks, and managers motivated.

But what is the motivation itself? Is it the same for a person, who likes washing windows so much that he can't wait until tomorrow to go to work, and a person who wants to organize things so, as to sit back and see things moving round in a well-organized way? Are these two kinds of people thinking the same categories? No. They even have opposite motivational goals.

Today I have read an interesting work on motivation. Author was speaking of three kinds of motivation:

- Rational (I love my job and I have a natural desire to do more, to do better)
- Irrational (I don't like working, I better make things turn around themselves)
- Egocentric (I can stand anything if I get promoted)

People of rational type of motivation enjoy the work itself. They have a natural desire to work more, to work better than yesterday. They find motivation in what they do.

Second type is completely different. They do not like working. They are motivated by... laziness. No. This is not a joke. And such people are not losers. Most of innovations come from this type of motivation. The many of this sort have their own business, which they started having perspective goal to sit back and watch things move on their own.

Third type finds motivation in esteem of peers and management. They are clearly of extravert type. They do care what other say about them and how they see them from the outside. You can keep the salary of such person relatively low. Having a good career perspective, such a person will work the best.

Each of three groups of motivation requires different actions to keep it warm. Instead of looking inwards companies prefer to stick to one type of motivation that, in their opinion, can target all the types of individuals. So, we should not be surprised with the results.

Identifying the right motivation for your employees is vital for your business. It's hardly possible to keep "sheep safe and wolves full". There are different types of personalities working for you. Learn them and find the best way to manage their intentions and to use it for the success of your business.

Thanks to author of that original article for insiping me on writing this.

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